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 ChatBox Rules!

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ChatBox Rules! Empty
PostSubject: ChatBox Rules!   ChatBox Rules! Icon_minitimeSun Jan 01, 2012 1:34 am

♥ Please no swearing!
♥ Do not cyberbully ANYONE!
♥ Do not post a picture,videos, etc. without a Moderator or Admin premission!
♥ Do not rush anyone (ex. hurry up please I want my picture now)
♥ Do not talk about ANY other forum.
♥ Do not ask for staff position as that will lower your chances of being chosen.
♥ Do not spam please
♥ Do not use full caps we will think your yelling and we don't want that.
♥ No trade talk
♥ Ask if you may clear. Do not just clear just like that ask an Admin please thank you.
♥ Only post party request in the party sections
♥ Be Kind to everyone! And do not get upset if you do not win something!
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ChatBox Rules!
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